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The National Bird of Nicaragua

The national bird of Nicaragua is the turquoise-browed motmot, also known as the "Guardabarranco" in Spanish. The turquoise-browed motmot is a colorful bird found throughout Central and South America, including Nicaragua. This species is known for its distinctive appearance, with a long, slender body and a long, blue-green tail that ends in a pair of "racket" feathers.

One of the most striking features of the turquoise-browed motmot is its bright turquoise-blue eyebrows, which give the bird its name. These eyebrows are bordered by a black stripe that runs across the top of the head, and they are surrounded by a bright green head and neck. The rest of the bird's body is a rich, reddish-brown color.

In terms of behavior, the turquoise-browed motmot is a fairly sedentary bird, typically found in the same area for long periods of time. These birds are often seen perched on branches or poles, using their long, curved beak to pluck insects and other small prey from the ground or vegetation. They are also known to feed on small fruits and seeds.

In Nicaragua, the turquoise-browed motmot can be found in a variety of different habitats, including rainforests, dry forests, and even urban areas. And of couse in our paradise, the Laguna de Apoyo. At Casa Marimba, we are lucky enough to live in a nature reserve where you can see plenty of Guardabarrancos. Just sit for a while in our lush garden, on our rooms balconies, or walk around and you'll be likely to spot a few.

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