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We are Food Lovers

At Casa Marimba, we take great pride in our restaurant, often described as the best in all of Laguna de Apoyo’s Hotels. We frequently get repeat business for those coming to dine and enjoy our beautiful lakeside location and chilled-out atmosphere, thanks to the passion we have for our delicious Nicaraguan/Mediterranean cuisine.

What’s Our Secret?

Top-quality ingredients, innovative chefs from France and Nicaragua, a high level of devotion to excellent food, and - of course - a great deal of love that inspires every dish on our often renewed and reviewed menu.

One of the most important things that set us apart from other restaurants at Laguna de Apoyo Nicaragua hotels, is our use of fresh, local, and organic products whenever possible…

La Finca Los Olivos

We shopped around to find the best food-producing farms in the area, and are proud to have partnered with La Finca Los Olivos in Ticuantepe.

We believe that this local farm, run by a Spanish family, offers the best quality herbs, greens, and vegetables in Nicaragua. Its close proximity to Casa Marimba, our hotel Laguna de Apoyo Nicaragua, means we can ensure a steady supply of fresh lettuce, kale, basil, rosemary, eggplant, and much more, all organic and all lovingly grown.

Finca De Marimba

Another project we have recently started working on is building our own garden to grow ingredients on-site. The plan is to begin farming our own herbs and vegetables, allowing us to become more self-sufficient than ever. You can read more about this exciting new project on our page about our environmentally friendly and sustainable initiatives.

Ecofriendly Suppliers

It is not just about delicious, fresh ingredients. Thanks to the partnership we have established with this local farm, and our own internal efforts, we can reduce the environmental impact of our food deliveries. Now, we can live with a clearer conscience. Safe with the knowledge that our trusted friends at La Finca El Olivo are following environmentally-friendly farming initiatives, and that our own farming project is steadily improving.

We urge you to check out our menu to see how we are turning these fresh, organic ingredients into healthy and irresistibly tasty meals.