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All About Day Pass at Casa Marimba

The infamous Laguna de Apoyo in Nicaragua draws visitors from all over the world to bathe in the crystal clear, mineral rich waters of an ancient crater lake. Have you experienced the Laguna yet? Now that Santa Semana has passed and the crowds have dissipated, it's time to let the lure of the mystical Laguna de Apoyo draw you to shore. Let us arrange for a private taxi or shuttle to bring you safely to Casa Marimba and right back home after a full day of fun with our day pass offering!

Casa Marimba Floating Dock

Included in your $7 day pass is use of our beautiful beach that comes with enjoyment of kayaks, inner tubes, life jackets, swim goggles, binoculars and wifi. As well as a complimentary drink! Cerveza or fresh watermelon juice, anyone? Might we suggest you give our home-brewed kombucha a try. You will feel your worries slip away with each step down into our peaceful, groovy jungle oasis. Welcome to Laguna de Apoyo's hidden gem!

Have you seen our iconic floating platform? You can catch major sun rays while getting rocked like a baby by the gentle waves of the laguna. And when you need to ground down Casa Marimba has hammocks, tables, chairs, sun chairs and even cushion swings for you to relax in just above the sand. You will be surprised how quickly time flies as you watch the Guardabarrancos pass by overhead. An enchanting afternoon spent taking in the beauty that surrounds you is an afternoon well spent.

Casa Marimba Focaccia Pizza

The Casa Marimba Restaurant and bar is open all day on the weekends. Please allow our staff to serve our legendary homemade focaccia pizza right to your beachside table. If you prefer something on the healthier side, this is our specialty! Select from an array of vegetarian options such as musaka, veggie burger and hummus! Our menu also offers classic Nica staples like tostones con queso and fried chicken, too. To satisfy your sweet tooth, check out the delectable Torta de Calala (passionfruit pie)!

Casa Marimba Laguna de Apoyo

It doesn't take much convincing to draw repeat guests to our little slice of paradise. With the hottest month of the year in full swing, there's no better way to cool off than at the Laguna de Apoyo. Spend the day in our backyard here at Casa Marimba, we can't wait to greet you. Diakachimba!

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