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Ceramics Lessons In Nicaragua: Learn Traditional Artisan Artistry

For creative people, is there a more authentic way to absorb some of the local culture than learning a traditional artistic craft by taking ceramics lessons in Nicaragua?

Not far from the Laguna de Apoyo Nicaragua hotels, you can find Los Pueblos Blancos (‘The White Towns’ in English). These picturesque, traditional towns are famous for their unique white-stone buildings and the artesian goods they produce.

The most famous artisan goods are clay ceramics. These rustic, earth-colored plates, mugs, cups, bowls, and glasses have beautiful designs, like line patterns, birds, flowers, and other colourful patterns. They are made with ancient techniques that have remained unchanged for centuries. Examples of these ceramic goods can be found in Casa Marimba’s gourmet restaurant and bar.

Ceramics Lessons In Nicaragua

Those looking to learn how to mold pots, vases, plates, and more out of clay in the traditional way can find plenty of options for ceramics lessons in Nicaragua in the town of San Juan de Oriente. Also known as San Juan De Los Platos (Saint John of the Plates), because it was where they made the plates that were used in local religious ceremonies, it is home to some award-winning pottery producers. This scenic town is one of the Pueblos Blancos and is located close to Catarina, the largest of The White Towns.

How To Get There

The most prominent of Los Pueblos Blancos is Catarina which is located just a short walk from San Juan de Oriente. It is easily reachable from our hotel Laguna de Apoyo Nicaragua: just a 30min drive by taxi on a 1.5hr bus journey with one change in the town of Masaya.

Managua Travel

For those visitors travelling from Managua, the cheapest way to reach Catarina and San Juan de Oriente is by bus and takes a little over 1hr. You can catch a bus to Masaya from the Managua Mercado Huembes terminal. From there it's an easy change at Masaya to catch the bus to Catarina or San Juan de Oriente. You can also take a taxi from Managua that will take less than 1hr.

Granada Travel

To get to Catarina and San Juan de Oriente from Granada, the cheapest option is to take a bus to Masaya. From there you can find a bus to Catarina or San Juan de Oriente and the whole journey should take around 1hr. If you choose to pay for a taxi from Granada to Catarina, it should take no longer than 30mins.

To learn more about Los Pueblos Blancos, get recommendations on our ceramic school partners, or find out other creative ways to spend your time around Apoyo Lagoon, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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