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Diving Nicaragua: Explore The Depths Of Apoyo Lagoon

Laguna de Apoyo hotels - like our home Casa Marimba - are the perfect place for lodging as you explore Freediving or Scuba Diving in our 200 meter deep lagoon.

Heated by natural springs, thermal vents, and boasting amazing biodiversity, Laguna de Apoyo is a unique diving site. The water, which stays at a consistently temperate 28-29 C, offers pool-like conditions for some of the easiest and most accessible diving available in nature.

Created by a massive volcanic explosion over 23,000 years ago, the lagoon is now a peaceful environment that attracts a range of visitors looking to relax, enjoy nature and experience the outstanding diving on offer: from freediving to scuba diving.

Underwater Exploration In Apoyo Lagoon

Regardless of which type of diving you opt for, in Nicaragua’s Laguna de Apoyo you will have some amazing surprises waiting for you. Aside from the unusual fish and plants, the volcanic lagoon is also - surprisingly - home to a statue of Jesus Christ. Sunk by Granda-born Ernesto Chamarro, the statue named ‘Christ of my support’ lies 20 meters down in an area of the lake protected by the mayor’s office of Catarina (one of the famous neighboring Pueblos Blancos). Ernesto revealed that the statue was sunk in the hopes of protecting visitors from misfortunes on the lagoon. Learn more about the project, and where to find the statue, by watching this video:

Freediving Nicaragua

Our friends and neighbors at Freediving Nicaragua have been described as the first and only freediving school of its kind in Nicaragua. They offer a range of courses from two-day beginner to professional SSI Freediving certifications. Participants can enjoy daily classes, access to quality equipment, and safe freedives led by pro-trainers that. Practice dives coupled with expert in-class theory tuition, could result in you unlocking the power to hold your breath for anywhere from 2 to 7 minutes (or more)!

Scuba Diving Nicaragua

For those looking for a scuba diving experience, then Volcano Divers are a popular option for guests at Casa Marimba, our hotel Laguna de Apoyo. They have 2-day experiences available starting with a classroom review of diving basics and then progressing to diving deep with confidence. In addition, they have other courses and experiences available for more accomplished divers.

For more details on the diving experiences offered near Casa Marimba in the Laguna de Apoyo Nicaragua, and how to get here, please get in touch. You can also check out other adventurous activities and tours we have available from our location on Apoyo Lagoon.


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