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Kayaking Nicaragua: Complimentary Kayaking At Casa Marimba

Laguna de Apoyo Nicaragua hotels offer access to Nicaragua's cleanest lagoon with 48-square kilometers of clear waters. At a depth of 200 meters the lagoon, which was formed by a drowned volcanic crater of the long-extinct Apoyo Volcano, is the lowest point in Central America.

Free Kayaking Nicaragua: Casa Marimba

Our hotel Laguna de Apoyo Nicaragua, Casa Marimba, is based right on the lagoon and easily reachable by road. We offer a huge range of activities and local tours for our visitors, one of the most popular of which is our free-to-use kayaks. These are available for all our guests, whether you are staying for a few days or opting for a one-day pass.

Kayaking on Nicaragua's most enticing lagoon is easy and safe thanks to our on-hand life vests. Simply pick up a paddle, put on a life vest, and take a voyage on one of our boats. Unlike kayaking on the sea, the Laguna de Apoyo’s waters are usually calm and have minimal waves, so you can expect an easy ride across the lagoon which should take less than an hour’s paddle against the tide. Then, on the way back going with the tide will be even quicker.

Kayaking Nicaragua: The Apoyo Lagoon Loop

With roads connecting only the North-Eastern side of the lagoon the easiest way to explore the entire circumference of the La Laguna De Apoyo Nicaragua is by kayaking. Your journey will take 5-6hrs, so bring food, water, sun protection, a waterproof case for your phone, and - of course - a life vest.

We advise that you begin by paddling against the tide to make the way home easier on your sore arms. We recommend you leave on your journey as early in the morning as when the sun is not too hot, and the wind is not as strong.

On your trip, you will find rocky bays, beautiful uninhabited beaches, thick forests filled with howler monkeys, as well as a small island that's home to many exotic birds. If you time it right, on your way home you will be rewarded for your efforts with some amazing angles to view the sunset.

Choose Your Vessel

We have a range of toys to splash about in the water with and operate a first come first served rule. But we would appreciate it if you let everyone have a chance to enjoy the fun!

We have the following things available for you to enjoy on the water whenever you like:

  • One-Person Kayaks: Single-person kayaks available.

  • Two-Person Kayak: Take a cruise with one or two of your friends.

  • Rubber Rings: A range of sizes for kids and grownups.

  • Life Vests: For extra safety in the water.

Whatever you decide to do, you will be able to enjoy the lagoon from our pristine lakeside beach. Then, after a long day on the water, take some refreshments at our gourmet restaurant and bar. We look forward to your visit!


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